El Pollo Loco Menu Prices 2023


El Pollo Loco Menu Prices

El Pollo Loco prices tend to be between Taco Bell and Chipotle Mexican Grill. Although El Pollo Loco today serves burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, they originally started primarily with just specially-marinated fire-grilled chicken. In addition, they also offer various salads, bowls, family meals, and a dozen sides. El Pollo Loco has been serving up Mexican-style food for decades and are widely known for their famous fire-grilled chicken.

Chick-fil-A Menu Prices 2023


The chain originally started in Mexico but quickly made its way to the United States. Today, El Pollo Loco has grown to nearly 500 locations across six states.

El Pollo Loco Prices


Tortilla Soup $2.99 Small
Tortilla Soup $5.49 Large
Chips & Guacamole $2.99
Tortilla Roll $1.99

Chicken Combos

Combo Includes Two Small Classic Sides & Small Drink
Leg & Thigh – Combo $6.89 2 Pc.
Breast & Wing – Combo $7.39 2 Pc.
Leg & Thigh – Combo $7.89 3 Pc.
Breast & Wing – Combo $8.89 3 Pc.
Half Chicken Combo $8.99 4 Pc.
Skinless Breast Combo with Vegetables & Side Salad $6.39

Family Meals

Includes Warm Tortillas
Legs & Thighs + 2 Large Sides $19.99 8 Pc.
Mixed Chicken + 2 Large Sides $21.99 8 Pc.
Legs & Thighs + 2 Large Sides $22.99 10 Pc.
Mixed Chicken + 2 Large Sides $23.99 10 Pc.
Legs & Thighs + 3 Large Sides $25.99 12 Pc.
Mixed Chicken + 3 Large Sides $27.99 12 Pc.
Legs & Thighs + 3 Large Sides $28.99 16 Pc.
Mixed Chicken + 3 Large Sides $30.99 16 Pc.
Legs & Thighs Chicken Only $10.99 8 Pc.
Mixed Chicken Only $12.49 8 Pc.

3 Course Family Meal with Cheese Enchiladas

Meal Includes 4 Enchiladas, 2 Large Sides, Tortillas & 4 Churros
Legs & Thighs – Meal $21.99 8 Pc.
Mixed Chicken – Meal $24.99 8 Pc.
Legs & Thighs – Meal $26.99 12 Pc.
Mixed Chicken – Meal $28.99 12 Pc.


Avocado Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Avocado Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Spicy Chipotle Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Spicy Chipotle Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Poblano Avocado Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Poblano Avocado Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Ranchero Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Ranchero Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
BRC Burrito (Beans, Rice & Cheese) $1.49


Tostada Salad (Chicken) $5.99
Tostada Salad (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Avocado Bacon Tostada Salad (Chicken) $6.49
Avocado Bacon Tostada Salad (Baja Shrimp) $7.19
Ultimate Double Tostada Salad (Double Chicken) $7.49
Ultimate Double Tostada Salad (Double Baja Shrimp) $8.59


Avocado Quesadilla (Chicken) $5.79
Avocado Quesadilla (Baja Shrimp) $6.89

Grill Master Pollo Bowls

Fajita Bowl $6.39
Unwrapped Burrito Bowl $6.19
Ultimate Double Bowl $7.49
Mashed Potato Bowl $6.19
Grande Avocado Bowl $6.19


Mexican Cobb Salad (Chicken) $6.99
Mexican Cobb Salad (Baja Shrimp) $7.99
Classic Salad (Chicken) $5.99
Classic Salad (Baja Shrimp) $6.99


Ultimate Double Bowl (Double Chicken) $7.49
Ultimate Double Bowl (Double Baja Shrimp) $8.59
Grande Avocado Bowl (Chicken) $6.19
Grande Avocado Bowl (Baja Shrimp) $6.99

Classic Combos

Combo Includes Small Drink
Original Pollo Bowl $5.00
Mexican Caesar Bowl $5.00
Ranchero Bowl $5.00
Classic Chicken Burrito $5.00


Grande Chicken Avocado Taco $2.79
Grande Shrimp Avocado Taco $3.49
Loco Street Taco $1.49
Chicken Taco al Carbon $1.29
Crunchy Taco $1.99

Baja Shrimp

Two Shrimp Avocado Tacos $6.49
Shrimp Tostada Salad $6.99
Shrimp Avocado Burrito $6.99
Ultimate Double Shrimp Bowl $8.59

5 Under 500 Calories

Double Chicken Avocado Salad $6.99
Chicken Black Bean Bowl $6.19
Chicken Mango Grilled Tostada $6.39
Whole Wheat Chicken Avocado Burrito $5.99
Skinny Chicken Quesadilla $6.19


Chicken Tamales $1.99 1 Pc.
Chicken Tamales $7.49 4 Pc.


Churros $1.39 2 Pc.
Corn $1.89 Small
Corn $3.59 Large
Broccoli $1.89 Small
Broccoli $3.59 Large
Rice $1.89 Small
Rice $3.59 Large
Pinto Beans $1.89 Small
Pinto Beans $3.59 Large
Mashed Potatoes $1.89 Small
Mashed Potatoes $3.59 Large
Black Beans $1.89 Small
Black Beans $3.59 Large
Cole Slaw $1.89 Small
Cole Slaw $3.59 Large
Loco Side Salad $1.89 Small
Loco Side Salad $3.59 Large
Macaroni & Cheese $1.89 Small
Macaroni & Cheese $3.59 Large

Kids’ Meals

Meal Includes Small Side & Kid’s Drink
2 Legs $3.99
Mini Pollo Bowl $3.99
BRC Burrito $3.99


Soft Drink $1.69 Small
Soft Drink $1.89 Medium
Soft Drink $1.99 Large
Bottled Water $1.59

El Pollo Loco Menu and Prices

Holiday Favorites

10PC Holiday Family Dinner
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Chicken Pozole Verde
Double Tamale Avocado Bowl
Tamale and Taco Bowl
Tamale & 2PC Bowl

Tostada Salads

Classic Tostada Salad
Double Chicken Tostada Salad

Family Dinners

8PC (Chicken Only)
8PC Family Dinner
10PC Familia Dinner
12PC Family Dinner
14PC Familia Dinner
16PC Family Dinner

Chicken Meals

2 Piece Meal
3 Piece Meal
4 Piece Meal
Fire-Grilled Chicken Breast
Fire-Grilled Chicken Wing
Fire-Grilled Chicken Thigh
Fire-Grilled Chicken Leg

Loco Lunch Box

Served with chips, rice and beans cup and a churro
Chicken Avocado Taco Lunch Box
Chicken Guacamole Burrito Lunch Box
Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla Lunch Box
Catering Lunch Box

Pollo Fit Menu

Double Chicken Avocado Salad
Double Protein Avocado Pollo Fit Bowl
The World’s First Keto Burrito™

$5 Fire Grilled Combos

Includes chips and drink
Chicken Tacos al Carbon Combo
Chicken Nachos Combo
Classic Chicken Burrito Combo
Original Pollo Bowl® Combo

Chicken Bowls

Tamale & 2PC Bowl
Tamale and Taco Bowl
Double Tamale Avocado Bowl
Double Protein Avocado Pollo Fit Bowl
Original Pollo Bowl®
Grande Avocado Chicken Bowl
Double Chicken Bowl


Queso Blanco Burrito
The World’s First Keto Burrito™
Chicken Tinga Burrito
Chipotle Chicken Avocado Burrito
Chicken Avocado Burrito
Original BRC Burrito
Classic Chicken Burrito

Street Tacos

Chicken Avocado Street Taco
Chicken Taco Al Carbon
Kids Meals
Two Legs
Original BRC Burrito
Mac & Cheese Chicken Taco


Homemade Tortilla Soup
Chips & Guacamole
Chicken Taco Al Carbon
Original BRC Burrito
Classic Chicken Burrito
Two Cinnamon Churros
Tortilla Chips
6″ Corn Tortillas
6″ Flour Tortillas
Creamy Cilantro Dressing
Mexican Vinaigrette
Ranch Dressing
Sour Cream
Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Sides, Drinks & Salsas

Rice & Bean Cup
Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice
Black Beans
Pinto Beans
Macaroni and Cheese
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Loco Side Salad


Catering Lunch Box
24 Piece Meal
48 Piece Meal
24 Piece Chicken & Tortillas
3-Course 24 Piece Meal
Pinto Beans
Black Beans
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Macaroni and Cheese
Loco Side Salad
Chips & Guac
Burrito Platter
Mexican Salad
Tacos al Carbon 6-Pack
Chips & Salsa
Pico de Gallo Salsa
House Salsa
Avocado Salsa
Salsa Roja
Creamy Cilantro Dressing
Sour Cream

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